Artist Talks: Dirt, Earth, and Painting

By Bethani Wells

As a little girl, I took every opportunity to get my hands in the dirt. Here I am, in my twenties, still coming home covered in it. Of course, as a child I was just digging for worms. I liked the dirt because it was fun to play in and get messy. Today, I use dirt and organic matter as a medium for my paintings. I explore the relationship between earth and spirituality in my large-scale paintings, making earth a key element in my work. I gather dirt and organic matter beyond my backyard to the places on earth where my feet have wandered- West Palm Beach, FL, Savannah, GA, Jerusalem and Caesarea in Isreal and the Dominican Republic to name a few.

Most recently, I have had the opportunity to travel to Lacoste, in the south of France.....

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